Orangutans Can do Some Workouts Too

The natural habitat of animals encourages workouts similar to the one for humans. Orangutan is an animal species in the ape kingdom. There is a possibility of them being obese especially when they are tamed in a zoo. Veterinary hospitals admit that most of the ailments for these specific animals are obese-related illnesses. This is because they lack the natural urge to prey on animals to get food. Everything is within reach. Instead, they prefer to sit on a window to be admired by the tourists and fans. This kind of lifestyle when an Orangutan gets used to it, he may gain weight which may be detrimental to its health. This is the reason why the zoo nutritionists checks on their diet to make sure they have a low-fat diet now that they engage in minimal physical exercises.

What are some of the most recommended exercises for Orungatan?

Sitting core exercises

This is a form of a seated exercise that the ape can do even when within the cage. It involves them sitting in an upright position and stretching the lower limbs as if they are kicking something. This is also possible to achieve by lifting the upper limbs as if they are climbing but still engages the muscles. This is a form of exercise that burns the fat preventing cases of obesity in them.

Monkey shuffle

Naturally, monkey love to hangs to trees to move from one point to the other. This is a form of exercise that makes the ape swing the body on the cable to enhance movement. It is an exercise that encourages total body movement intending to improve their agility levels. This is the reason why in a zoo there is a tree to enhance this natural movement.

Nature walk.

Staying in one place for long is not only monotonous but also not healthy. Although tourists come to view an oversize Orungatan still you notice that this may be detrimental to their health. These are tamed animals that are used to humans. The caregiver needs to take time to encourage them to just walk within the natural habitat of the zoo. It helps in proper blood circulation to all parts of the body.


The fact that they can crawl to get their meals in itself is an exercise. This is an exercise that involves normal movement. It may be difficult for a tamed ape but still, you can encourage them to do this. All you need is to give them food at a distance that they have to walk to get it.

Animals especially the apes take the form of a man in many ways. When they just live sedentary life then be sure that you will be having frequent hospital visits. A veterinary doctor advises zoo owners to make sure that the animals have regular workouts since this is the natural way in which they are formed _ they are hunters and gatherers. This is not just for food but also to build their body muscles to improve their flexibility.