Of Cookies and Coffee


If there’s one constant guilty pleasure that you know you cannot resist for the life of you, it’s girl scout cookies. Once again the Girl Scouts of America have come together, hitting up every grown-up they set their eyes on with the sole purpose of increasing our already ballooning waistlines and tug at our heart (and purse!) strings. We just can’t resist it! And they know we can’t take just one box.

I guess the Girl Scouts of America were definitely onto something here, and boy are they onto us! You know you can’t resist just a single bite of their light and airy Thin Mint, or delectable Tag-Alongs. These little boxes of heaven, peddled along by just the cutest little future sales representatives will make even the grouchiest old bitty melt and reach for their purses to buy some boxes to wolf down on.

Being grown-ups (yeah, right!), we know and appreciate a good box or two goes well with our own version of ambrosia, COFFEE. Absolutely nothing goes better with these finger delights than a good cup of joe, and because we’re still on a sugar rush, and not done with our cup yet, we’ve concocted a list of what particular delicious treat goes well with what cup of the good stuff.  For better coffee owning the best coffee machine is definitely a great idea, if you are looking for one you can check out giga 5 review and for different brand you can read about it here.

Thin Mints have a light minty flavor that goes well with Coffee sourced from Central America. They have a consistent, washed Arabica Coffee and are known for their Nutty, smooth chocolate citrus flavor

Tagalongs go best with single source Costa Rica brew. The coffees of Costa Rica are known for being full and heavy-bodied overflowing with a rich and sweet note unlike any other.

With Samoas, we recommend Colombian Coffee particularly from the Huila region. The coffees are generally grown at very high elevations in the Andes. Extreme balance, caramel and toffee notes, perfect acidity and crisp, slightly fruity finish that round out these exquisite coffees. We dare you to eat just one piece.

You just can’t go wrong with Trefoils or Shortbread. Shortbread just goes perfect with almost any brew. Trefoils in particular is just fantastic with coffee that offers an organic sugary note. If you have to go with anything particular, Tanzanian blends have full bodied, tastes and a lower acidity that go well with these babies.

Rah-Rah Raisins are complimented by the creamy caramel taste of Kivu and Rwandan blends. They both have that tart raisin taste that go down the gullet really well.

Ethiopian blends with their fruity notes and with just a hint of cranberry and lemon like acidity goes absolutely well with Cranberry Citrus Crisps. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Do-si-dos are just a delight. One can say that one bite may lead myself to opening up another box, just to satisfy whatever is raging for more inside me. Paired with a nutty and crisp Costa Rica blend hits just the right spot.

Savannah Smiles may not be on everyone’s list but when paired with blends from the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia, you just might get hooked on these bad boys.

Lemonades go really well with Mexican Coffee from Chiapas. Its known for their heavy chocolate and toffee notes that contrast the sweet and sour taste.

A Lot of what may be listed may sound too heavy for the average joe six pack. Girl Scout cookies may be as simple as mundane as they come, but it’s highly addicting! And we’re here to help you out to make the most of every bite. The Girl Scouts of America are on to us, knocking on our very door, ready to stuff us down with their delectable delights. The best we can do is make the most of it by selecting the best possible coffee to pair it with. Cookies and coffee? All’s right with the world.