Guidelines For Girls Scouting Safety


Every girl in scouting is accountable for emotional and physical safety of girls. Guidelines for remaining safe when involving in activities are explained in the checkpoints. Read those checkpoints, stick to them and share the points with other girls, parents and volunteers prior participating in activities with girls. Each group should possess two approved, unrelated volunteers present, with extra volunteers are required, based on the size of the group and the abilities and ages of girls. Everyone should have completed eighteen years of old and should have finished the screening process and have carried the relevant adult training program prior volunteering.

Details of the activity:

When an activity occurs that are exterior side the usual place and time, advice parents and guardian of the information of the activity and get permission for volunteers to participate. Improper touching, sexual advances and sexual activity of any type with girls are forbidden. Verbal, physical and emotion abuse of girls is prohibited. Work with adults and girls to make and practice methods for emergencies associated to fire, weather, site security and lost adults and girls. Keep handy an ideal first aid kit, health history forms and family contact details of each and every girl. When transporting girls to thought girl scout trips and other process that are outdoor the usual place and time, each driver should be an approved volunteer and contain a good driving history, an insured and registered vehicle, a proper license.

illegal drugs:

Insist that all girls in a legal seat and use the seat belt and stick to state laws about booster seats and needs for kids in rear seats. Make girls to be away from house by participating them in planning hence they understand what to anticipate. Prevent getting men sleep in the similar place. When parents are staffing program, daughters must stay in quarters with girls instead of in the staff areas. Do not use illegal drugs. Do not use smoke, take alcohol or avail foul language in front of girls. Alcohol is not allowed at the occasion where the key goal is girl program. If they are present in the place where alcohol is given, they should be supervised by the responsible adult who is not taking alcohol.

Online safety:

Do not take firearms, or ammunition in the presence of girls. Protect the girl’s emotional safety by making a team contract and training girls to respect it. Agreements usually motivate behavior such as honoring diversity in opinions and feelings, resolving conflicts completely and preventing verbal and physical bulying, discrimination and clique action. Girl scouts invites all members and it does not matter about the background, ethnicity, race, family structure, disability, social economic status, religious beliefs or sexual orientation. Guide girls not to put the full names or any contact details online. Educate girls the online safety and get them stick to it. At the time of Girl Scout goods sales, you are liable for the girl’s safety, cash and products. While representing girl scouts, they cannot involve in money making activities that show partisan politics or that are not accepted product efforts and sales.