About Us

Project Orangs

is a website dedicated to protecting and recovering endangered orangutans in their natural habitats. We rescue, rehabilitate and nurture orangutans before they’re released back into the wild.

Founded over a decade ago, our focus is to advocate for and inspire nationwide support for wildlife conservation. We believe that it takes teamwork to win this fight geared towards saving orangutans from extinction.

We’re passionate about animals and nature, hence were inspired to begin this blog and save the lives of the remaining orangutans. We also believe that this advocacy group can indirectly encourage the protection of other endangered animals worldwide.

At Project Orangs, we provide the information that can help others do the necessary to protect endangered animal species. We’re your go-to online advocacy group with the goal of saving the remaining orangutans, in turn promoting wildlife conservation.

Our History

Project Orangs was started in 2010 to help rescue, rehabilitate and nurture the remaining orangutans, an endangered animal species. Our founders are animal and nature lovers who’ve worked all their lives in the wildlife industry.

We were inspired to advocate for the protection of this animal species because only a few advocacy groups fight for their rehabilitation. When we conserve wildlife, we protect traditional culture and heritage.

Lack of environmental conservation can lead to loss of native heritage and land. This is attributed to the fact that some places worldwide are popular for their flora and fauna due to their native practices way of life.

As an example, big cats such as leopards, lions, cheetahs, and large herbivores such as giraffes and elephants are linked to Africa Safaris or “magical Africa” as it’s lately known. Wild beast migration across the “Serengeti Plain” ecosystem is also popular with this continent.

We started Project Orangs to make a difference in the places where orangutans live just as other efforts have has positive outcomes in Africa and other regions worldwide.