Young Girl Scout Loves Using Water Softeners

 A valuable and underrated part of a Girl Scout’s education is when she is taught the importance of water. Most Girl Scout organizations include programs devoted to teaching young girl scouts the value of water, how to clean it, and how to conserve it.
Every Girl Scout should know about water softeners, which is an underrated tool used to clean and conserve water. Help your Girl Scout be aware of more models of water softener after this handy guide.
What Is a Water Softener?
A water softener is a filtering device that uses an ion exchange process to remove certain minerals, and sometimes replace them with others.
The Science of Water Softeners
Water Softeners act individually to remove positively charged ions and replace them with sodium ions. Calcium, manganese, magnesium, and iron are all positively charged.
The science behind water softeners is a fascinating subject that will provide your Girl Scout with insight into ions and minerals. While using a water softener, your girl scout will learn all about using resin beads and zeolite crystals filtration devices.
Resin beads and zeolite crystals act as ion-exchange vehicles in the water softening process. As the water flows through the water softener device, the minerals remain trapped among the beads and crystals while a tiny amount of sodium is released. The stream that exits the water softener therefore no longer retains its minerals, as they are all left behind in the device. This process will educate your Girl Scout on water filtration possibilities, and how to apply science to real life.

Teach Your Girl Scout About Hard Water and Soft Water

The difference between hard water and soft water is something every Girl Scout should know about. Another interesting educational aspect of water softeners is learning about mineral buildup as a result of hard water usage, and the difficulties faced when hard water is primarily used in daily life.
For example, your Girl Scout can see the noticeable difference between doing laundry with hard water and with soft water. She will see how “clean” laundry, having been washed with hard water, will be loaded down with minerals that stay behind after the washing. This is an excellent show-don’t-tell experiment that will teach your Girl Scout about the real-life consequences of using hard water, and how it can affect her personally.
Cooking With Softened Water
Another fun experiment is cooking with hard water vs. soft water. Your Girl Scout can see how taking a water softener along on camping trips can be a useful trick. She will learn how, while hard water is the preferred option for brewing beer, for example, it makes it difficult to dissolve certain minerals that are positively charged.
Make the camping trip an educational one by having your Girl Scout try boiling hard water over the campfire in one pot, and water filtered through the water softener in another.
Choices and Consequences
Let your Girl Scout use a water softener to teach her about the responsibility of making choices and dealing with the consequences. She can experiment with hard water vs. softened water, and come to her conclusions about the usefulness of water softeners.
In conclusion, there is a lot to learn from water softeners. Get your Girl Scout to see for herself the difference one can make.