Girl Scouts is a great community with old heritage. The members of the community aren’t only experience relations and learn how to survive in nature, they also learn how to protect themselves. There are many training courses that Girl Scout offer which is so beneficial for the members of the community.

Safety is a really important issue in today’s world. US government in many states allows people to protect themselves with the help of an AR-15 pistol. That’s why many people prefer to take how to shoot classes to protect themselves. Despite the fact that, Boy Scouts offer pistol shooting courses to its member, Girl Scouts doesn’t have that kind of courses.

Why should Girl Scouts be trained on shooting with the AR-15 pistol?
Girl Scouts should be trained against to the potential dangers. There are many reasons why shooting the best AR-15 pistol training should be given.

1. Personal protection is a legal right and everyone should know it. 
According to the US Government, personal protection and safety is a right in the case of attack or danger. Learning borders and needs of a law must be obligatory to all people. With the learning personal protection law and how to shoot, somebody can learn how to protect herself or himself against both law and people.

2. Protection education can save lives in the US.    
In every year, there are few terror attacks and other situations which resulted in deaths and injuries happens in the US. Even though the government tries to protect people, sometimes it is impossible to secure too many people at the same time. That’s why the government have a tendency to support people to protect themselves on their own. Murders and attacks even become common in primary and high schools. Training people against these dangers can save lots of people live in every year.

3. Shooting training is a part of nature and nature education.     
Girl Scouts generally offer courses on how to survive on nature. Protection and shooting training definitely a part of how to survive education. That’s why Girl Scouts should be trained against dangers in nature besides dangers in the city life. Nature comes from different unexpected situations and animals and that requires to learn self-protection.

4. The AR-15 pistol is easy to use and suitable for self-protection
One of best-known pistols in the US is AR-15 pistol. The pistol is preferred frequently by lots of people in the US because it is the compact option. The main reason is that it is fully designed for self-protection and it doesn’t have military features that aren’t wanted by society. That’s why a lot of people think that the pistol is the most suitable gun to use to protect legally. In terms of training, it is clearly easy to teach how to shoot the best AR-15 for secure. Girl Scouts definitely should be taught how to use the gun and its legal procedure and rules. Not only for using, but also to learn firearm safety, but shooting training is also essential to Girl Scouts.