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Benefits of Rowing Machine Exercise to Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts need to be physically fit all the time so they can perform their duties and responsibilities. A lot of their activities require physical work, that is why they need to be healthy and safe. What better way to achieve this than by using the best rowing machines. These provide full body training in the same way as swimming. In addition to muscular work, a rower improves the efficiency of the circulatory system, improves the heart and burns many calories.  The fact is that the more muscles you can use at any time, it will force the body to burn more calories to complete its work. If you want to lose weight, improve your physical condition or strengthen your muscles, you can achieve your goals thanks to the rowing machine. It is really a piece of exercise equipment that is of much benefit to girl scouts.

When using a rowing machine, it is important to make sure it is the right one for you. Adjust the straps of the feet at the waist, make sure that the heels rest comfortably on the pedals and that the straps are securely fastened. If you have never used a rowing machine, start with a lower setting. Use a strong but relaxed grip and pay attention to your technique. Improper use of the rowing machine will result in incomplete training and possibly more pain or injury.

Let the muscles in your legs and hips do most of your work and avoid bending your back too much when you take the injection. A simple attitude is important, but let yourself look to the future. The elbows should be close to the body during a stroke.  The use of this machine divided into three basic parts. The first is referred to as catch, the second as power stroke and the third is a recovery. When you take it, your knees will be flexed and close to your body, and your upper body should maintain a good posture when you lean forward.

During the workout, extend your legs by pressing the pedals and raise your arms towards you as you exhale. After reaching the maximum extension, you can go back a little. Avoid tipping too much so that the muscles in which the rower works are the most beneficial. During recovery, return to the original position.  Rowing machine exercises can burn up to eight hundred calories and work on most of the major muscles of the body, including the legs, arms, torso, and abdomen. It is one of the excellent ways to fully train your entire body at the same time. It also allows you to lose fat and maintain your physical shape and health.

So for you Girls Scouts out there, the next time you go to the gym, skip the row on the treadmill and check the rowing machine. It is not used much, but it is still a great exercise tool.  You will be surprised at the benefits of total physical training that involves the use of this fantastic exercise equipment. If you find that you like it, you can have a rowing machine bought that you can use at home. They are not more expensive than other types of exercise equipment for the home and will probably use much more. If you want to color the main muscle groups at the same time, rowers are one of the most effective.

Girl Scouts Should Be Trained How to Shoot the Best AR-15 Pistol

Girl Scouts is a great community with old heritage. The members of the community aren’t only experience relations and learn how to survive in nature, they also learn how to protect themselves. There are many training courses that Girl Scout offer which is so beneficial for the members of the community.

Safety is a really important issue in today’s world. US government in many states allows people to protect themselves with the help of an AR-15 pistol. That’s why many people prefer to take how to shoot classes to protect themselves. Despite the fact that, Boy Scouts offer pistol shooting courses to its member, Girl Scouts doesn’t have that kind of courses.

Why should Girl Scouts be trained on shooting with the AR-15 pistol?
Girl Scouts should be trained against to the potential dangers. There are many reasons why shooting the best AR-15 pistol training should be given.

1. Personal protection is a legal right and everyone should know it. 
According to the US Government, personal protection and safety is a right in the case of attack or danger. Learning borders and needs of a law must be obligatory to all people. With the learning personal protection law and how to shoot, somebody can learn how to protect herself or himself against both law and people.

2. Protection education can save lives in the US.    
In every year, there are few terror attacks and other situations which resulted in deaths and injuries happens in the US. Even though the government tries to protect people, sometimes it is impossible to secure too many people at the same time. That’s why the government have a tendency to support people to protect themselves on their own. Murders and attacks even become common in primary and high schools. Training people against these dangers can save lots of people live in every year.

3. Shooting training is a part of nature and nature education.     
Girl Scouts generally offer courses on how to survive on nature. Protection and shooting training definitely a part of how to survive education. That’s why Girl Scouts should be trained against dangers in nature besides dangers in the city life. Nature comes from different unexpected situations and animals and that requires to learn self-protection.

4. The AR-15 pistol is easy to use and suitable for self-protection
One of best-known pistols in the US is AR-15 pistol. The pistol is preferred frequently by lots of people in the US because it is the compact option. The main reason is that it is fully designed for self-protection and it doesn’t have military features that aren’t wanted by society. That’s why a lot of people think that the pistol is the most suitable gun to use to protect legally. In terms of training, it is clearly easy to teach how to shoot the best AR-15 for secure. Girl Scouts definitely should be taught how to use the gun and its legal procedure and rules. Not only for using, but also to learn firearm safety, but shooting training is also essential to Girl Scouts.

Why Girl Scouts Need To Learn Welder’s Job

The Girl Scouts added thirty interesting badges in 2018. Badges in Cybersecurity, Programming, and Robotics. There are even badges in Mechanical Engineering. Yet, we’ve not seen many badges in trades like welding for Girl Scouts.

In fact, Boy Scouts introduced trade badges like Welding in 2012. Girl Scouts show no interest in gaining badges like welding. The Girl Scouts themselves showed little interest in the skill, so the organization.
The World Is Changing
Jobs what were once considered male-dominated are being opened to women. Trades like welding have 3% women. So it’s important, at an early age, to expose girls to jobs that were once relegated to boys.
On the plus side, the Boy Scouts opened doors to girls in 2017. This makes welding available to them. There’s still space for the Girl Scouts to introduce the welding trade. Here’s why.
We Need Welders
The demand for welders is high. There are over 200,000 welding jobs available in the United States. The supply of welders continues to be an issue. Fewer people are going into welding. For every five persons that retire from welding, only two are entering the sector.
Girl Scouts can expose their members to a high demand sector. With high demand, comes high pay. Welders can earn up to $150,000 based on their level of education. Exposing Girl Scouts to welding sets them up for future success.
You Can Work With Your Hands
There are girls in the girl scouts that are physical learners. They like to use their hands to learn and create. There are some badges within the Girl Scouts that encourage hands-on learning. The new badges in technology support that. Yet, few trades need skill, concentration, and creativity like welding.
A welding job brings out the creativity of the person behind the helmet. Welders get to apply design to buildings, and furniture. They can even design movie sets. Exposing girls early to these possibilities, they’ll be happy to jump into welder jobs.
Girls Can Make Their Mark
Women make up only 3% of the welding sector around the world. They also make up less than 20% of similar industries worldwide. Why is this? The lack of exposure. The resilience and brilliance of Girl Scouts is what the welding industry needs.
You Defy Gender Roles
Although few girls and women enter welding schools each year, they excel in the classroom. Research has shown women welders are as comfortable when working with the welding helmet as men. From creating pipe hangers and supports to handling the welding gun, they’re excellent. Girl Scouts can learn early that they can do it, and the playing field is level.
Travel Opportunities
As welding is a skill used in many sectors around the world, you can work anywhere. The demand for welders is the same, with high paying welder jobs available to expats. Girls should get these opportunities too, right?
It’s a Girl’s World
The Girl Scouts are a respected group that continues to push young girls forward in society. Yet, they should embrace trade skills like welding. They need not be afraid. If they can handle engineering and robotics, they can handle the fast flexibility of the welding helmet. It will be exciting to see the next generation of master welders be women.

Young Girl Scout Loves Using Water Softeners

 A valuable and underrated part of a Girl Scout’s education is when she is taught the importance of water. Most Girl Scout organizations include programs devoted to teaching young girl scouts the value of water, how to clean it, and how to conserve it.
Every Girl Scout should know about water softeners, which is an underrated tool used to clean and conserve water. Help your Girl Scout be aware of more models of water softener after this handy guide.
What Is a Water Softener?
A water softener is a filtering device that uses an ion exchange process to remove certain minerals, and sometimes replace them with others.
The Science of Water Softeners
Water Softeners act individually to remove positively charged ions and replace them with sodium ions. Calcium, manganese, magnesium, and iron are all positively charged.
The science behind water softeners is a fascinating subject that will provide your Girl Scout with insight into ions and minerals. While using a water softener, your girl scout will learn all about using resin beads and zeolite crystals filtration devices.
Resin beads and zeolite crystals act as ion-exchange vehicles in the water softening process. As the water flows through the water softener device, the minerals remain trapped among the beads and crystals while a tiny amount of sodium is released. The stream that exits the water softener therefore no longer retains its minerals, as they are all left behind in the device. This process will educate your Girl Scout on water filtration possibilities, and how to apply science to real life.

Teach Your Girl Scout About Hard Water and Soft Water

The difference between hard water and soft water is something every Girl Scout should know about. Another interesting educational aspect of water softeners is learning about mineral buildup as a result of hard water usage, and the difficulties faced when hard water is primarily used in daily life.
For example, your Girl Scout can see the noticeable difference between doing laundry with hard water and with soft water. She will see how “clean” laundry, having been washed with hard water, will be loaded down with minerals that stay behind after the washing. This is an excellent show-don’t-tell experiment that will teach your Girl Scout about the real-life consequences of using hard water, and how it can affect her personally.
Cooking With Softened Water
Another fun experiment is cooking with hard water vs. soft water. Your Girl Scout can see how taking a water softener along on camping trips can be a useful trick. She will learn how, while hard water is the preferred option for brewing beer, for example, it makes it difficult to dissolve certain minerals that are positively charged.
Make the camping trip an educational one by having your Girl Scout try boiling hard water over the campfire in one pot, and water filtered through the water softener in another.
Choices and Consequences
Let your Girl Scout use a water softener to teach her about the responsibility of making choices and dealing with the consequences. She can experiment with hard water vs. softened water, and come to her conclusions about the usefulness of water softeners.
In conclusion, there is a lot to learn from water softeners. Get your Girl Scout to see for herself the difference one can make.


Running a charitable organization, or another nonprofit entity requires that one raise funds from time to time to help support and fund your initiatives. Fundraising is an essential function of charities, as the money received is used to help support the programs, services, and functions of the group as a whole. Though some charities receive additional funding from other sources, fundraising is one of the biggest sources of revenue and something fast fundraising ideas like selling old tankless water heater are needed when a charity needs an influx of extra funds, perhaps between large fundraising events that routinely occur. Fundraising ideas for charity can also include initiatives that can be planned and carried out in a short time.


One of the fastest ways of raising fund is selling off old tankless water heater by the scout girls.

The idea can be taken in multiple directions and can include hosting demonstrations on the grounds of the charity offices.

The old tankless water heater can be purchased at a wholesale and charity rate for a quick turn-around time of fundraising money. The girl scouts can sell the tankless water heater in person and online if they need to reach a broader audience. Some other fast fundraising ideas for charity do not involve food as this can need hygiene standards, and some countries have regulations to follow, and the event itself would need a lot of on-going organization that some non-profit places may not have.

This method of using girl scout in selling useful tankless water heater of fast fundraising is beneficial in two ways as not only do you raise money quickly, but you also have new avenues to promote your organization as well. This works particularly well in schools parent day meetings where there are lots of people to canvas already involved in the community.

One other idea also exists and works well when you have a charity that offers membership to others. You can sell new membership packages to people through direct mail, online promotion or even setting up a membership booth in a shopping mall; and you can also upsell your current members to higher levels of membership. Membership drives can bring in fundraising money rather quickly, as not much needs to be handled regarding preparing for such a fundraising campaign. You can have some volunteers works the phones and contact current members and supporters of your organization and ask them to upgrade their membership to a higher level or to simply make a cash donation. This in conjunction with selling tankless water heaters can produce great results in a short time frame.

download No matter how your charity raises money throughout the year and on a routine basis, you may find times exist where you need to bring in some additional funds for various reasons. When this occurs, using fast fundraising ideas can help get you through the rough patches that can weigh down an organization that relies on the donations of others for their operations. Fundraising is a necessity when operating or working with a nonprofit organization, and thus fast fundraising ideas like the girl scout selling tankless water heater are important to have on hand in the event you are between large fundraising campaigns and need to inject some extra funds into your program to keep things running smoothly.

5 Things You Can Do To Help Save The Orangutan


Orangutans are great apes that inhabit the dense rainforests of Borneo (in Malaysia) and Sumatra (in Indonesia). The name orangutan is derived from an Indonesian word that literally means ‘people of the forest’. Orangutans share 96.4% of their DNA with humans, which makes them very intelligent. With strong hands and feet that function like hands, long arms and flexible hips, they are suited to a life in the canopy of the rainforests. Sadly, the future of these amazing animals is bleak, and they face certain extinction if nothing is done to arrest the drastic reduction in their numbers. From a population of about 230,000 just one hundred years ago, today there are approximately 7,500 orangutans in Sumatra and 41,000 orangutans in Borneo left in the wild. According to some researchers, we are losing more than 2000 orangutans every year.

Habitat loss is the single biggest threat to the orangutans. The rainforest continues to be cleared at an alarming rate for timber and pulp which is used in the paper industry. There are laws to protect orangutans in Malaysia and Indonesia and also internationally, but the destructive human activities of illegal logging, farming (especially palm oil plantations) and mining continue unabated. Other factors that are contributing to their precarious situation include forest fires, illegal pet trade and diseases like Hepatitis B. Here are 5 things you can do to help save the Orangutan:

Educate your family friends and the community about the plight of the orangutans and what can be done to preserve their habitat

It is important to educate your family and friends about the serious situation that faces the orangutans in Sumatra and Borneo. There are numerous educational documentaries and videos on the subject that you can show them. You can also join other animal activists in the campaign against destruction of the rainforests. There are also conservation websites which detail various ways that you can chip in to help the orangutans.

Boycott foods, cosmetics and other products made using palm oil

When people buy food and the many cosmetic products that are manufactured using palm oil, they are directly affecting the lives of orangutans and other endangered animals that live in Sumatra and Borneo. Palm oil is the most widely used vegetable oil in the world, and the increasing demand for the oil has accelerated the destruction of the rain forests throughout the world in order to make way for the profitable palm tree plantations. Malaysia and Indonesia, which together account for up to eighty five percent of the world’s palm oil production, have been most affected by this.

Adopt an orangutan virtually

There are conservancies that offer innovative ways of learning about orangutans and how you can support the conservation initiative. For instance, with only 120 dollars a year, you can virtually adopt a wild orangutan in Borneo’s Kutai National Park. You can give a virtual adoption packet to an animal-loving family member or friend. This is a fun way of fundraising while at the same time learning about orangutan conservation.

Go green

By recycling or purchasing recycled products, you reduce your overall carbon footprint and contribute in conserving the rainforests and our planet as a whole. Other important lifestyle changes that you can make to help conserve the environment include driving less, buying products with less packaging and generally throwing away less waste.

Use the social media to post and share information

Many, if not all, of the organizations that engage in orangutan advocacy have Twitter and Facebook accounts. By following their pages and sharing the posts and photos in their pages, you will stay abreast of the latest important issues and news relating to orangutan advocacy and conservation efforts.

Baby Orangutans Playing In Borneo!

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