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Gun for Girl Scouts – Here Is Why Children & Girl Scouts Need To Be Taught About Firearm Safety

It may seem absurd, a 12-year-old girl and her mother in Union City, California were held at gunpoint by a teenage male at the girl’s Girl Scout cookie stand back in February of this year. That would perhaps justify the fact that back in late January, California’s Centennial Gun Club decided to teach Girl Scouts how to safely handle a handgun. Centennial Gun Club is one of the largest gun clubs in California and according to their advertisements, the subject of children and guns cannot be avoided.
Why Do Children & Girls Need To Learn About Firearm Safety?

The incident involving the Girl Scout and her mother getting held at gunpoint was somewhat of an isolated one. Of course, this does not mean that Girl Scouts should be carrying around guns, but it does also not mean that they should not know how to safely handle a gun and be able to shoot at a distance.

The combination of children and guns has proven to be quite disastrous in the past makes, which makes it even more necessary to teach and train them. The classes that Centennial Gun Club conducted were held near Columbine High School. It is the same school where a shooting massacre resulted in the deaths of twelve students and one teacher back in 1999.

The girls not only learned safety skills that one should possess when holding firearms, but even taken to the firing range where they practiced to shoot at a distance. These early classes had very little to do with marksmanship, rather it was safety that was emphasized.

One of the lead instructors there also pointed out that guns are every American’s constitutional right and they are a part of the American culture. Apparently, the goal behind the classes was also to teach the Girl Scouts the truth about firearms and to educate them since many children are brought up around guns.

Should Children & Girl Scouts Have Access To Firearms?
However, just because American children, including Girl Scouts, grow up around firearms does not mean that they should have granted access to firearms. In fact, parents who have children and firearms in the same house should considering investing in a biometric gun safe.

A biometric gun safe usually features a face identification or fingerprint scanner. So, only the adults who are authorized to access the gun or guns in the safe will be able to open the safe effortlessly and easily. If the fingerprint does not match or the system does not recognize the face, the safe will remain sealed shut.

When choosing a biometric gun safe, it is important to make sure the safe is the right size to accommodate the number of firearms that need to be stored out of the reach of children. It is also better to choose one that is really robust and strong. For those who want several adult members of the family to have access to the firearms, they should also consider buying a biometric safe that is capable recognizing multiple fingerprints.


No doubt, the inherent purpose of having a choosing a biometric gun safe is to keep firearms out of the reach of children. However, once again as mentioned, this does not mean that children or Girls Scouts should not be explained the truth about firearms and taught about how to safely handle them.

5 Things You Can Do To Help Save The Orangutan


Orangutans are great apes that inhabit the dense rainforests of Borneo (in Malaysia) and Sumatra (in Indonesia). The name orangutan is derived from an Indonesian word that literally means ‘people of the forest’. Orangutans share 96.4% of their DNA with humans, which makes them very intelligent. With strong hands and feet that function like hands, long arms and flexible hips, they are suited to a life in the canopy of the rainforests. Sadly, the future of these amazing animals is bleak, and they face certain extinction if nothing is done to arrest the drastic reduction in their numbers. From a population of about 230,000 just one hundred years ago, today there are approximately 7,500 orangutans in Sumatra and 41,000 orangutans in Borneo left in the wild. According to some researchers, we are losing more than 2000 orangutans every year.

Habitat loss is the single biggest threat to the orangutans. The rainforest continues to be cleared at an alarming rate for timber and pulp which is used in the paper industry. There are laws to protect orangutans in Malaysia and Indonesia and also internationally, but the destructive human activities of illegal logging, farming (especially palm oil plantations) and mining continue unabated. Other factors that are contributing to their precarious situation include forest fires, illegal pet trade and diseases like Hepatitis B. Here are 5 things you can do to help save the Orangutan:

Educate your family friends and the community about the plight of the orangutans and what can be done to preserve their habitat

It is important to educate your family and friends about the serious situation that faces the orangutans in Sumatra and Borneo. There are numerous educational documentaries and videos on the subject that you can show them. You can also join other animal activists in the campaign against destruction of the rainforests. There are also conservation websites which detail various ways that you can chip in to help the orangutans.

Boycott foods, cosmetics and other products made using palm oil

When people buy food and the many cosmetic products that are manufactured using palm oil, they are directly affecting the lives of orangutans and other endangered animals that live in Sumatra and Borneo. Palm oil is the most widely used vegetable oil in the world, and the increasing demand for the oil has accelerated the destruction of the rain forests throughout the world in order to make way for the profitable palm tree plantations. Malaysia and Indonesia, which together account for up to eighty five percent of the world’s palm oil production, have been most affected by this.

Adopt an orangutan virtually

There are conservancies that offer innovative ways of learning about orangutans and how you can support the conservation initiative. For instance, with only 120 dollars a year, you can virtually adopt a wild orangutan in Borneo’s Kutai National Park. You can give a virtual adoption packet to an animal-loving family member or friend. This is a fun way of fundraising while at the same time learning about orangutan conservation.

Go green

By recycling or purchasing recycled products, you reduce your overall carbon footprint and contribute in conserving the rainforests and our planet as a whole. Other important lifestyle changes that you can make to help conserve the environment include driving less, buying products with less packaging and generally throwing away less waste.

Use the social media to post and share information

Many, if not all, of the organizations that engage in orangutan advocacy have Twitter and Facebook accounts. By following their pages and sharing the posts and photos in their pages, you will stay abreast of the latest important issues and news relating to orangutan advocacy and conservation efforts.

Baby Orangutans Playing In Borneo!

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